About Akari

Akari Ueoka has been living on the island of Maui since September 2001.
She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from University of Hawai`i - Manoa in 2008. Currently, she teaches 2nd grade at a public school on Maui.
She is originally from Kochi, Japan. Her family moved to Tokyo when she was 8 years old and lived there until she graduated from an intermediate school. She attended a high school in Kochi, so she considers both Tokyo and Kochi as her hometowns, but she feels much more comfortable in Kochi - a country side with both the ocean and mountains.
Dancing has been an important part of her life since she was young, and during her high school years, she devoted herself to the rhythmic gymnastics, jazz dance, and Yosakoi dance. Now, she studies a classical Indian dance called Odissi under Sarala Dandekar's guidance, and it has become her main focus of dancing life.
In her spare time, she enjoys reading, surfing, taking photos, and updating her blog.


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